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    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Day 1: Life an Adventure

    When life gets a little full of craziness and you are feeling a bit overwhelmed it is time to take a step back and take an inventory.

    There is no sense in taking yourself to a point of burnout. Keeping a moderate balance will keep you ready for those times when you really need the extra... It is all to often that people get so caught up in caring for others so deeply that they for get to care for themselves.

    Really... Think about all those people on the plan that ignore the flight attendant while they are giving the all important instruction, "should the cabin loose pressure the oxygen mask will drop from the over head bin and you should place your mask on before attempting to help anyone else."

    You have to breath before you can help others or you many not be breathing long yourself.

    I tell you that I may not have had the most difficult life growing up, but by no means was it a picnic in the park. I would never wish for another child to see, hear , or experience the call of an early adulthood as I was alone on a long unguided journey. I was destine to make many mistakes and struggle as with no model to follow I was blind to a path that most others take for granted.

    Lucky for me I have always been good at a skill of emulation and in my path there were many individuals that aloud me to learn something special from them. At the time I mostly did not quite understand how it all fit together, but still I held on to it. Some times these things would weigh on me hard as I continuously failed to achieve a sense of stability and wholeness.

    Then as I was just beginning to traveling at about million miles an hour I get stooped in my tracks, by a women that changed my life for ever. Not only has she been the answer to my dreams of the perfect wife, mother, and friend. I could not have asked for a better partner in life. It is truly because of her love and support that I was given an opportunity to step back and discover the truth about life. I have never been the same since and life has never stops getting better.

    We both realize that we have weakness and are some times imperfect. We work to do better for those things that are in our control and understand that it is a process. We also know that we are very wonderful, loving, and giving people. Together we work hard to build a good home with a deep sense of love and balance.

    For both Yvonne and I, Benny is our little precious. How lucky we have been to be blesses with such a loving boy. He has a good heart through and though. So smart and such a good listener. This is not to say he dose not test the boundaries from time to time. It would not be normal if he did not have some curiosity to were the real lines are. It is amazing to see his personality begging to take shape. Really becoming his own person.

    Now as I could not imagine anything being better... Yvonne is pregnant again! :)

    Here we go get the baby gear ready. Benny make some room... we are expanding and upgrading to the GREER'S 4.0

    Dreams do come true and nice guys don't finish last.

    Take Care!

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