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    Friday, May 13, 2005


    Welcome To All:

    This is not “spam!” Your name is on this list because I know you directly or some one that I know has requested you to be added to the list. If you would like to unsubscribe I understand. There are several option at the bottom.

    For all of those who might have not been here in the beginning when I started this project. It all started off when I was taking pictures at lunch all around my work place. I know some of you are thinking pictures near work, what would be pleasant around work that would be worth a photo.

    Well I work at Santa Clara University and there are millions of photo opportunities. It is like an ever evolving canvas of beauty. As each day passes it seem like something different is come alive. I will go into this story more some other time. Back to the intro.

    I started to show my photos to a few of my coworkers. Word got around as I started to add people to the list that I thought would enjoy my photos. Then I realized with me sending these large images to people on a regular basis would fill up there mail boxes real quick. That is when I started to post the images to the web and sending small emails with links.

    At that time there were about 60 member of the “Picture of the day” list. I am now in the progress of converting this site into Pictures of the Week / Photo Blog website. It is going to be called “Photo Ben 750.” I am going post five images all at once for the whole week.

    This will help make it more manageable and I will be able to make the postings more interesting with background information, personal critiques, and graphical enhancements. For all those who like to get the daily dose I will most likely post to the blog on a regular basis. It may not be every day but I will often post images or photographic art work of mine on the site. The email posting to members accounts will only come once a week to notify them of the “Pictures of the Week.”

    With the publication of this email I am launching the list. On Monday, May 16th I will be launching the blog. Until the official launch I will repost this message and a few images. You may also visit my personal site at .

    I really want to share my pictures with as many people as possible. I have a goal to get 200 members on the list by the end of June. So if you know any one that would like to be a member please let me know or send them the link to sign up for the group. They may also email me directly at

    I also understand if you would prefer to not get the emails and just check the Photo Ben 750 Blog ( on your own. Please let me know or you can unsubscribe from this group using the link at the bottom of the message.

    Please enjoy and I will see you back on Monday, May 16th.

    Special thanks to my friends at Santa Clara University.

    Ben Greer

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