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    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Determination to Dream

    then and now

    Determination to Dream

    I. Dream

    As I sit here
    12 o'clock
    Soon to be one
    I stair down
    Into this brewed cup of oil.

    Tugging at my intellect.
    Thoughts of wealth and prosperity
    My vision is full.
    Trying to focus
    On needs
    And putting wants second.

    Risk is a game of thinking
    Plotting strategies
    Movements forward.

    Do what it takes
    Obtain my goals
    And set the new.

    Never losing sight
    Of happiness or joy.

    It is the light at the end
    A realized vision.
    A dream fulfilled.

    II. Fears

    Apprehensive of misfortune
    Living in a bubble.

    Outside is a wonderful place
    I am sure.
    I will never know

    Stepping out is a risk.
    I don't know if I can take

    Cold sweat running
    Down the back of my neck.
    Soon to reach my ankles.

    The timid young boy
    Paid the sixth grade bully.
    Never ate his lunch.

    All hopes are barred
    Deep in agony and pain.

    Bitter sickness holds me in
    While others play in the sun.

    Never take a risk
    Never overcome a challenge
    I will lose.

    III. Hopes

    Like the droplets
    Of breast milk
    The most pure and fulfilling.

    Creating desire
    When hunger is at it peak.

    Like infants they are seeds
    Growing stronger
    With every moment
    And piece of knowledge.

    Nurturing our minds
    With a honey so sweet
    That our vision becomes

    A fine line is walked
    Between the real
    And the obscure.

    A question of action or passive thought
    A separation of possibility.
    It is or is not!

    IV. Perseverance

    1000 years of living
    In a pit darkness.
    0ne day I walked out.

    I found strength
    In the warmth of insight.

    One goal achieved
    The ability to overcome.

    At age 12
    Wanted that shiny corm bike.
    The one that lived
    In the window of old Earl's Bike Shop.

    Glistening like a star among stars.
    It is a machine
    Possessing power
    Everything I desired.

    Working harder than 20 oxen
    I mowed lawn and painted fences
    Took the complaints

    In the end
    I had what all others
    Lusted after.

    My determination
    My hopes
    And my dreams.

    GS Poetry
    As It is Written
    ©2008 Ben Greer PhotoBen750

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