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    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    I Love My Babies

    To My Children

    Loving you
    With all my heart
    Right from the
    Very start...

    You mean
    The World
    To me
    More than
    Anything you see...

    Always here for you
    If your scared
    I'll hold you tight
    All through the night...

    When you are sad
    I'll make you glad
    That Daddy is near
    We will laugh and play
    All through the day...

    I will do my best
    To fix your toys
    Teach you many things
    Give good advice
    And mend
    Your hurts and pains...

    I will take you
    On walks in the park
    Trips to the mall
    Visit the zoo
    Maybe even ride
    A train or two...

    When you are tired
    I'll lay you down
    Tuck you in
    And even find your
    Favorite sleeping toy
    Or baby doll...

    I'll read you a story
    To help you fall a sleep
    Close your eyes
    And rest your head
    Sweet dreams
    My little ones...

    If you should wake
    In the night
    Have a bad dream
    Hear a scary noise
    Or need a drink
    Daddy will be there...

    I will stay
    Until all is better
    Even fall a sleep
    Next to you...


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