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    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Philippine Adventur: 2008

    Philippine Adventur: 2008
    I just returned from a 2 ½ week trip to the Philippines visiting family and seeking adventure. To celebrate my experiences and life growth, I have put together this dynamic blog entry filled with links,
    video, photos, and music. The DaCocoS website, bolg, and videos are an artistic expression of my experience in the Philippines and the love I have for my family. To see still images that appears in the videos see: PhotoBen750:Picasa
    I will progressively post more details about my Philippine experiences as I put them together, but for now I will briefly introduce the story that changed my life and a few videos and pictures of special moments from my recent trip.

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    In May of 2004 I was blessed with a very unique experience of being able to reconnect with my family in the Philippines after about a 20 year
    break in communication and lack of current contact information. I took what information I had and located the residence of the last address I had for my Father in the Philippines.
    When I arrived at the address there was family of renters that were staying at the address. I explained my story and said, I was

    looking for my father and grandmother that had lived there about 20 before. The man that was living there did not know my family, but did know some in the neighborhood that might. I left my contact information and I went back to my hotel.
    That evening I got message from the man I met earlier that a lady that when to school with my Dad was going to give me a call and she might have information to help me. By the next day I got a call form the
    classmate of my father and she had the phone number to the house where my Father and his family lived. She had called them and made sure it was okay to give me their number and she had given them my information.

    At first I was a little scared to call. I did not want to cause and trouble and I was not sure what the situation was like. My only hope was to just be the person I am and all will turn out

    okay. So I gave them a call… I believe it was my sister Madel who answered the phone first. I could tell there was a hesitation of first mixed feelings for a stranger only known through passed stories. She let me know that I had 3 sisters and a brother. She also informed me that Lola was there and she wanted to see me.
    With in the next two days I was checked out of my hotel and living with them at there house. By then I had talked to my Father on the phone twice with in that time since he was away from home working on a ship. Life was moving
    fast and a lot of changes were taking place in all our lives. The next week flew by and I would only have a chance to start a bond with my brother and sisters that would have to continue over the internet if it had any chance of growing over the great distance.
    Over the next two years I would occasionally exchange message over email or yahoo instant messenger. We also kept in
    contact through Friendster as well. I was even able to recieve a bunch of phone calls and texts from my father when he was in port or close by a country where he could connect to sent text. In May of 2006 I would have my next opportunity to return to the Philippines. This time my Father would be home and I would see him for the first time.
    From the first moment I met him, it was like every thing just fell into place were it was supposed to be.

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