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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    My Love is True

    My love is true
    All I need is you...

    When you are near
    My heart feels so dear...

    What will I do
    If your love never comes true...

    I am sorry for all the pain
    I never meant to make you cry...

    I know I broke your heart
    So let me know
    Just what I can do
    To heal you...

    All I want to do
    Is fix what went wrong
    And get back to loving you...

    Showing you I can be strong
    Standing by your side
    Making your world
    Beautiful again ...

    I know it will take time
    Just give me this moment
    To do right by you...

    If I can't mend your broken heart
    Let me know
    Then I will let you go...

    You can find another
    to be you lover
    But I will never stop loving you...

    You mean the world to me
    can't you see
    I am crying here...

    Trying to find a way
    To bring your love
    Back to me...

    I hope you understand
    I never meant to hurt you
    All I ever wanted
    Is for you to be happy...

    If you must move on
    I'll do my best
    To be there for you
    My heart will never
    Stop loving you...


    Dedicated to Yvonne Penas
    See original posting on GS Poetry:

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