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    Monday, September 06, 2010

    We gave up too early

    We never had a chance... We hit a very difficult part of our life and relationship... And we did not do our best to seek out the appropriate resources to reclaim and reaper what was damaged by a very challenging and difficult time in our lives.

    The events and circumstances that made our life so difficult at that time were neither the fault of you or myself. It just happened to be
    What fell upon us at that time.

    Neither one of us was properly equipped to know all the right answers to guide our way safely through the trauma and challenges we faced. The remnants of our unfortunate culmination of events still live with us as we continue to move forward to a place of stability and understanding.

    If there is one thing I must admit is that we gave up too early and did not try hard enough. For all that we had at stake was worth so much more than the effort we put forth to keep it together.

    For the love we shared for so many years... The friendship that we cherished so much... The love of our children that we saw in each other... The family that we built together.... The dreams we had for each other...

    It was all given up with hardly an effort to protect or save what meant so much to us...

    This is not to say we did nothing... But to put in prospective what we did do was so little in relation to what we gave up.

    Real life has no boundary for what we hold sacred to our heart. If you believe in the value of what it represents to you... There is no such thing as a point of no return... There is no end to what has already been established. Once a foundation has been formed... There is always a place to began again.

    We can find blame in any form we like and place it on any person or situation we like. To fool ourselves is easy when you turn away from the truth and Barrie it deep inside.

    The reality for us is that two people that had so much going for them... A couple that others often admired for their great friendship and understanding of each other... A family that had two very loving and devoted parents with two very loving and deserving children... Could not find it in them selves to hold onto all that meant so much to them...

    Without hardly a noise to be herd... In the blink of an eye... All was let go as if it never really mattered. Done as a matter of fact like the end of a business contract... Nothing more nothing less...

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